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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Scot Donaldson Scot Donaldson
Passed 2nd time
Great student. A long wait after covid.

Passed 2nd time zero faults
Great driving Well done!

Jamie Jamie
Passed 1st time
Excellent driver Great pass.

Passed 1st time
Beat the nerves to pass.

Santosh Santosh
Passed 1st time

Nandkumar Nandkumar
Passed 1st time

Emma Robertson Emma Robertson
Passed 1st time ZERO FAULTS
Brilliant pupil a pleasure to work with.

Passed 2nd time
Good drive Well done. A long wait after lockdown.

Belal Belal
Passed 1st time
Great student pleasure working with him.

Natalie JamiesonNatalie Jamieson
Passed 1st time
Did really well after 2 cancellations due to covid. Good driver.

Frances Frances
Passed 2nd time
Did well persistent to the last.

Graheme Graheme

Laura WilloxLaura Willox
Passed 1st time ZERO FAULTS
Exceptional student

Emma Duguid Emma Duguid
Passed 1st time
Overcame a lot to succeed in an excellent drive to pass first time 👌

Aylin GunduzAylin Gunduz
1st time pass
Excellent driver

Dillon BlackDillon Black
Passed 1st Time
Only 2 driver faults. Well done First time pass! Keep safe.

Bethany Henderson
Passed 1st Time
Bethany has been a pleasure to teach. Took onboard what was needed, worked hard and achieved a great result, only 2 driver faults. Well done. Happy driving.

Shelley Shelley
Passed 1st time !!!
Stuart Craigen and Keith Nisbet were the instructor combo. Shelley did really well passing first time. Well done.

Nelly De NicolaisNelly De Nicolais

Rab DeaconRab Deacon
First Time Pass
Rab passed today at Aberdeen South. 1st time 3 minors.

Dylan mckenzieDylan mckenzie
Dylan passed today 2nd time Aberdeen south.

Nicloas ReidNicloas Reid
Nicloas passed at Aberdeen North 2nd time

 Zach Nisbet Zach Nisbet
Passed 1st time
Passed first time with 1 minor fault. Today at Aberdeen South.

Lauren ShandLauren Shand
Lauren passed on her 2nd time at Aberdeen North.

Sean SinclairSean Sinclair
Passed 1st time at Aberdeen South

Louise MeiklejohnLouise Meiklejohn
Passed 2nd time with 6 minors @Aberdeen north

Luke SecullLuke Secull
Luke passed today Aberdeen South 2nd time 5 minors.

Aisha Taylor SinclairAisha Taylor Sinclair
Passed 1st time
Aisha passed first time at Aberdeen North. Well done.

Iain HepburnIain Hepburn
Iain passed at Aberdeen South

Rachael RitchieRachael Ritchie
Passed 1st time
Rachael passed First Time at Aberdeen North.

Passed 1st time
Kumar passed first time at Aberdeen North

Ryan StillRyan Still
Passed 1st time
Ryan passed first time today at Aberdeen North test centre.

David AryiesDavid Aryies
Passed 1st time
David passed first time with only 6 minor faults at Aberdeen south.

Alex KratsovAlex Kratsov
Alex LDC pupil passed at Aberdeen North.

Jerry O DriscollJerry O Driscoll
Passed 1st time
Jerry passed 1st time 3 minor faults at Aberdeen North.

James BarrackJames Barrack
Passed on Christmas Eve at Aberdeen south. Could have not been a happy day. DVSA cancelled his test for 21st dec on 18th dec....really!.Desperate he then bought the £18 app was able to find a test for 24th. He is only here till 6 jan so great he found this test and passed 1st time with 1 minor fault.

Alasdair Leeson - PayneAlasdair Leeson - Payne
Passed 1st time
Passed 1st time with only 3 minors

Aiden StewartAiden Stewart
Passed 1st time
Aiden passed first time after just 16 hours.

Amanda BuckAmanda Buck
Amanda passed yesterday at Aberdeen South test centre, it was very dark but very good too.

Jamie HoustonJamie Houston
Jamie passed at Aberdeen North Test Centre.

Stewart SmithStewart Smith

Jasmine CarsonJasmine Carson


Katie GreigKatie Greig
Katie passed today in Aberdeen.

Kirsty MacleodKirsty Macleod

Elaine PorterElaine Porter

Shweta DargeShweta Darge
Passed her test in Aberdeen. She is very happy with LDC and really likes the car.